August 2, 2016



Many people are pleasantly surprised that we still offer our classic SpreadCOM control and naturally have many questions.… Read the rest

July 6, 2016


Introducing Spread.Views, The First JavaScript Data Layout Component

We are very excited to introduce a new JavaScript component that takes data and lays it out virtually any way you can imagine.… Read the rest

June 27, 2016

Instance of Spread.Sheets

Build a JavaScript Spreadsheet in Five Minutes

SpreadJS’s Spread.Sheets component is so complete that it can be implemented with very little code and in just a few minutes.… Read the rest

June 21, 2016


DevChannel Update: Spread.Sheets v10 Preview with Client-side Excel IO Available

Our DevChannel delivers pre-release previews of next version builds and hot fixes. The first entry is a preview build of v10 which is due to release in November.… Read the rest

May 10, 2016


Overview of the Spread Product Family v9 Sp1 Release

In case you are new here, Spread is a product line that includes spreadsheet, grid, and data presentation components for .NET and JavasScript developers.… Read the rest

May 10, 2016


Important SpreadJS Notice: License Changes, Name Changes, and a New Product

We have just released Spread Studio v9 Sp1 and SpreadJS v9 Sp1 and a few announcements come with this release.… Read the rest

January 18, 2016

Custom Slicer

Adding an Excel-Like Table Slicer to Your JavaScript Application with No Code

The latest release of SpreadJS added a very powerful feature: Table Slicers. In their basic form they are column filters represented as button collections.… Read the rest

November 17, 2015


What’s New in Spread 9

In this article, you will find new features and enhancements added to Spread v9 categorized by platform.… Read the rest

November 16, 2015


What Was Added to SpreadJS in v8

SpreadJS was introduced in Spread Studio in April 2015 as SpreadJS v8. The prevrious version was part of the Wijmo product family.… Read the rest

November 13, 2015


Need More Time to Try Spread? No Problem.

Spread installs as a fully functional 30-day trial to give you time to evaluate it and see if it meets your needs.… Read the rest

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