January 15, 2015


Best way to manage state when Spread has large data- Part II

Continuing my previous blog here we would discuss other two approaches of managing state with ComponentOne Spread for ASP.Net i.e.… Read the rest

November 10, 2014


ComponentOne Spread with jQuery Calendar

ComponentOne Spread for ASP.Net provides several ways to show data for Date format.… Read the rest

October 10, 2014


Best Way to Manage State When Spread has Large Data – Part I

State management has been a very important aspect of ASP.NET application development. Being an ASP.NET control ComponentOne Spread for ASP.NET also supports different processes of managing state.… Read the rest

June 27, 2014


Data Visualization with Spread

Seeing the current trends and user demands, ComponentOne has recently added a Chart control in Spread for Silverlight and WPF.… Read the rest

June 1, 2014

Grouping and UnGrouping Spread at Runtime

When we talk about Grids in general there are few common features that come to mind, like Filtering , Sorting, Grouping, etc.… Read the rest

January 24, 2014

Charts for Spread Silverlight

Charts have always been an important component which gives the flexibility to analyze and visualize data.… Read the rest

January 1, 2014

Excel Like formula with Spread for Silverlight

Spread for Silverlight has introduced an exciting new feature. Spread now provides a Formula TextBox which gets enabled when you enter a formula in a cell at run time. … Read the rest

November 18, 2013

New CellType for Spread for WinForms – II

In the last blog we discussed about one of the new celltypes introduced in Spread for WinForms.… Read the rest

November 11, 2013

New CellType for Spread for WinForms – I

Spread 7 for WinForms has introduced two new CellTypes to provide more convenience to it’s users

  1. GcTextBoxCellType for pure text cells
  2. GcDateTimeCellType for cell with Date Time format

In this blog, lets talk about GcTextBoxCellType for text cells.… Read the rest

October 18, 2013

How to: AutoSize Spread for WinForms

The AutoSize feature of Spread COM removes the blank area around the grid cells such that Spread always takes the size of Rows and Column count.… Read the rest

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