December 6, 2013

Retaining Formulas during Copy Paste Actions

Spread for ASP.NET supports the copy paste operations using the keyboard shortcut keys or the CommandBar buttons.… Read the rest

November 18, 2013

Cell Merging on Client-side in Spread

Recently one of our customers had a requirement of merging cells with same values i.e.… Read the rest

November 1, 2013

HowTo: Create a Bullet List in a Spread Cell

Recently one of our customers had a requirement of typing in a bullet list in the Spread cell.… Read the rest

September 17, 2013

HowTo: Customize GroupHeaderRow in Spread for ASP.NET

Spread for ASP.Net provides built-in functionality to perform Grouping in Spread that allows users to group the data rows by a specific column.… Read the rest

July 2, 2013

Customizing the Appearance of Pager Buttons in Spread

Spread for ASP.Net displays data using the concept of Paging. When the sheet contains more rows than can be displayed in the component, Spread automatically creates pages and allows you to navigate between the pages of the sheet.… Read the rest

June 7, 2013

Save and Load Enhanced Filters in Spread

The new features of Spread version 7 includes Enhanced filtering which is similar to the filtering provided in Excel.… Read the rest

May 14, 2013

Multiple Levels of Unbound Hierarchy in Spread

Many a times users want to display related data in grids. The related data basically displays the data relations between different tables in a dataset.… Read the rest

May 2, 2013

Import Images from Excel into Spread

Spread has several CellTypes that allow you to enter variety of data into the Spread cells including text, numbers, checkboxes, comboboxes and even images.… Read the rest

April 19, 2013

Loading Images from Database in Spread

Spread provides data binding feature which allows you to bind Spread to different types of data sources.… Read the rest

April 9, 2013

Multiselect Filtering in Spread for WinForms

Filtering is a very basic functionality of grid controls and this feature comes in-built for WinForm Spread.… Read the rest

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