August 26, 2016


Excel to Spread Copy/Paste V9

Spread for ASP.NET is a useful web tool for providing Excel-like functionality to users on a webpage.… Read the rest

August 11, 2016


Spread.Views and the Gantt View

A Gantt view that displays the tasks and progress of a project can make it easier to plan and allocate resources.… Read the rest

August 4, 2016

The finished window for the application

Adding a Ribbon to Spread WPF

The Spread WPF Designer provides useful properties and settings that developers can change to create specific sheets and templates for use in their application.… Read the rest

August 2, 2016



Many people are pleasantly surprised that we still offer our classic SpreadCOM control and naturally have many questions.… Read the rest

July 29, 2016


Spread Windows Forms and Camera Shapes

Spread Windows Forms supports a unique feature known as a camera shape.

This allows you to create a snapshot of a range of cells and use that as a shape in the Spread control.… Read the rest

July 22, 2016

The finished Row Edit Template

Spread ASP CRUD Row Edit Template

While Spread for ASP.NET can be combined with CRUD operations, it might be useful to provide a better way for the user to enter data.… Read the rest

July 14, 2016


Creating a Spread.Views Calendar

A calendar that shows when employees are out can be useful to everyone at a company.… Read the rest

July 6, 2016

Featured Image

Spread ASP CRUD SpreadDataBinding

Using CRUD operations with Spread for ASP.NET provides useful database functionality along with an intuitive interface.… Read the rest

July 6, 2016


Introducing Spread.Views, The First JavaScript Data Layout Component

We are very excited to introduce a new JavaScript component that takes data and lays it out virtually any way you can imagine.… Read the rest

June 30, 2016


SpreadJS Designer and the Settings Tab

The SpreadJS Designer allows you to create spreadsheets quickly and without code. The Settings tab in the designer provides appearance and UI options for the entire widget and specific sheets.… Read the rest

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