July 6, 2016


Introducing Spread.Views, The First JavaScript Data Layout Component

We are very excited to introduce a new JavaScript component that takes data and lays it out virtually any way you can imagine.… Read the rest

June 30, 2016


SpreadJS Designer and the Settings Tab

The SpreadJS Designer allows you to create spreadsheets quickly and without code. The Settings tab in the designer provides appearance and UI options for the entire widget and specific sheets.… Read the rest

June 27, 2016

Instance of Spread.Sheets

Build a JavaScript Spreadsheet in Five Minutes

SpreadJS’s Spread.Sheets component is so complete that it can be implemented with very little code and in just a few minutes.… Read the rest

June 24, 2016

Featured Image

Spread ASP CRUD ADO.NET Binding

Using CRUD operations with Spread for ASP.NET provides useful database functionality along with an intuitive interface.… Read the rest

June 21, 2016


DevChannel Update: Spread.Sheets v10 Preview with Client-side Excel IO Available

Our DevChannel delivers pre-release previews of next version builds and hot fixes. The first entry is a preview build of v10 which is due to release in November.… Read the rest

June 16, 2016


Spread Windows Forms and Built-in Shapes

You can use built-in shapes in Spread for Windows Forms to draw attention to different areas of your spreadsheet.… Read the rest

June 3, 2016


SpreadJS Designer and Sparklines

The SpreadJS Designer allows you to create sparklines quickly and without code.

The following sparkline types are available in the SpreadJS Designer.… Read the rest

May 26, 2016

Finished Report with SpreadJS Camera Shapes

SpreadJS Camera Shapes

Camera Shapes in Spread for WinForms allow the developer to take snapshots of content in a range of cells for use in other areas of the sheet, or different sheets entirely.… Read the rest

May 19, 2016


SpreadJS Formulas and Cell Formatting

You can use cell formatting with formulas in SpreadJS to get the results you want.… Read the rest

May 13, 2016

The final result of our project will be a table with a filter panel.

Using the Spread.Sheets Custom Slicer to Create a Filter Panel

Slicers provide an easy and efficient way for users to filter table data quickly.… Read the rest

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